Metal Waste Disposal

Are you in the process of spring cleaning? Do you need metal waste disposal? MK Junk is a waste collection and disposal company that is dedicated to being at the leading edge in the industry. We aim to provide a professional, courteous service at all times, and we strive to grow and develop the business further.


MK Junk is fully licensed and insured, and has been providing metal waste disposal for more than 15 years’, and in this time we have built a fantastic reputation for our first-class service. This has assisted us in becoming a credible choice for a junk and waste disposal and removal service, and our commitment to the environment also helps us to achieve this. Our environmental approach will ensure that your junk is disposed in the most effective and efficient way, that will benefit you and the environment.


We can deal with all materials, whether its paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, electrical items, appliances, mattresses and much more. We cannot deal with particular materials including asbestos, oil, petroleum, diesel, raw meat products, tyres and toxic substances. These items cannot be disposed with the other materials, and this is due to health and safety reasons.


The metal waste disposal service is broken down into four simple stages, beginning with the no obligation quotation for the disposal. The second step is the loading of your waste, and we can start this once you have agreed to the price. We will then sweep the areas where the junk was originally, and then we haul your metal waste away. For more information on our waste disposal service and our four step solution, you can head to our Metal Waste Disposal page.
Do you need a metal waste disposal service to get rid of metals and other materials? Call MK Junk on 018612637, or you can enquire by filling in the mandatory fields of our Contact Form, and a member of our customer service team will look to reply to the enquiry as soon as they can.